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New emails not reactivating cases

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We have a business rule to reactivate a case if a contact replies to a previous email associated with the case. However, there are instances where the case does not reactivate. We need a way to monitor these emails to ensure that the contacts are responded to.

Does anyone have any recommendations for how to achieve this? we are not having much luck with views but may be missing something.

Thank you.

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    El_HT 5 on at
    RE: New emails not reactivating cases

    Thank you for the information. How do you manage the reactivation of cases where the customer replies and changes the subject line of their email (or it contains an RE: FW: etc). I find that this may alter the regarding line. Do you find these instances are accommodated by the workflow, or are new cases created for them?

  • RE: New emails not reactivating cases


    A workflow will do the trick.  We have a workflow when an email is created if the email is received and the regarding record is a Case, reactivate the case if it is inactive, check to see if the Owning User is Active (if not check to see if their Manager is still active, if so reassign the Case to the active Manager), and finally set the Case status to Email Received.  I don't look for anything specific in the subject or message body, it is known that the email is for the Case because the system sets it regarding a Case.  We are in the process of expanded this to Opportunities and Leads as well.

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    Zap Objects 911 on at
    RE: New emails not reactivating cases


    We have our Helpdesk solution... which can automatically detect when a new email is received for an existing Case.
    This is done by extracting the case number from email subject to identify an existing open/closed case.
    Further, we can also notify the case owner / team...+ change the case status to new response!

    For details, refer How to design a Customer Support process when using Dynamics 365 for Customer Service? (link)

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    Steve Zhao2 Profile Picture
    Steve Zhao2 on at
    RE: New emails not reactivating cases

    Hi EI_HT,

    You could create a workflow like this:


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