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F&O Retail structure setup

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My company is looking into purchasing F&O. We are currently using BC 14, our store POS uses an external system. Our current structure is 1 company in BC and our retail stores are considered as customers. Soo inventory is sold to them rather than just transferred.
We want to setup F&O but are not sure how to manage 200+ retail stores. We have 2 warehouses, one for east cost and one for west cost.
What is the best practice to setup Dynamics for our current corporate structure?
One of my thoughts is that each store will be it's own company but that will be 200 + companies. But at least they are their own stand alone and we can just intercompany to them.
Another one is each store is just a location/ dimension.
Excited to hear everyone's take on this.
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    F&O Retail structure setup
    I have moved your question to the Commerce forum. 
    In Dynamics 365 F&O, you can work with retail channels to setup distinct stores. If you need one or more legal entities, depends on various variables.  
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    F&O Retail structure setup
    If you treat each store as a separate company, this leads to more than 200 companies, but each store as a separate company gives you better management and reporting flexibility. You can make inter-company transactions more convenient. This is also a reasonable approach if each store is treated as a location/dimension. This simplifies the structure and reduces the number of companies, but may limit your ability to manage and report independently on each store. Or you could consider breaking it down by region and managing a group of stores within each region as a branch. This can be more centralized in management, but also can better meet the regional management needs.
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