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Vendor 100% prepayment but unit cost needs to be decreased

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Hello Folks
My challenge is this and your assistance would be greatly appreciated.
I have a 100% prepayment Vendor invoice which has been paid.   On capturing the final invoice, the unit cost from the vendor has been decreased.   BC will not allow the entry to post if I try to do a negative landed cost to record that the unit cost is now reduced.    I am able to successfully use my negative landed cost solution so long as the perpayment percentage is NOT 100%.
Does anyone have a solution to that problem for me please?
Thank you
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    Vendor 100% prepayment but unit cost needs to be decreased
    Hello again
    I've made my own work-a-round and I'm posting it here now in case it can assist someone else.
    As explained, it is not possible to do a negative LC on the PO if the prepayment was 100%.   I then captured a new separate credit memo where I used a landed cost specifically set up for Prepayment unit cost reductions.   I captured as many LC lines in the detail line grid of the credit memo as I had items in order to control the description which updates the value entries table and to accurately control the unit cost reduction.   I did this because this is not really a landed cost in the real sense.  Once posted, there is a credit memo on the vendor and that is correct as the 100% prepayment was on the original overstated unit cost and so the vendor was overpaid.
    Hope that helps someone else
    Chow for now

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