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Workflow help - how to remove an email queue item

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Hi Guys
I have written a workflow which, when an email is received for a previously-resolved Case, will re-open that Case and add it to the appropriate queue - this bit works all well and good!
However, the issue is that that the email also remains in the queue - and I cannot think of a way to get the Workflow to remove it.
So here we have the queue - with the re-opened case (which is great!) but also the email (not so great):
I want the case there - but not the email - so how can I do this? Here is the workflow as it is so far:
'Update: Regarding (Case)': This just reactivates the previously-resolved case to an Active status
'Assign: Regarding (Case)': This sets the owner of the Case to be the default Owning Team (just to be sure)
'Create: Queue Item: Just puts a queue item for the case in the queue as follows:
But - how can I remove the associated email queue item???
Any ideas are greatly appreciated.
  • CU12071313-0 Profile Picture
    CU12071313-0 on at
    Workflow help - how to remove an email queue item
    Thank you so much for your help.
  • Workflow help - how to remove an email queue item
    In the workflow of incoming email update queue item of email Activity status to Completed. You should not remove association or delete records as its required for audit history.

    Please mark as Verified if resolved
  • Cui Hao Profile Picture
    Cui Hao on at
    Workflow help - how to remove an email queue item

    After testing, my Workflow run didn't produce the problem of emails appearing in the queue, I was running fine.

    Since triggering Workflow as I followed your steps didn't reproduce your problem, I'm guessing that perhaps you have some other Flow or custom plugin that is making the emails automatically added to the queue.
    Currently, you can probably only add messages to the queue via the /Add to Queue/ button, I didn't find any other OOB methods to add emails to the queue, so I'm even more skeptical that there are other Flow or custom plugins in your environment.

    Best regards,
    Cui Hao

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