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A/R Invoice and memo screen (08.010.00) fails to open

Posted on by 80

I'm having issues with Dynamics SL2015 CU2 version.  Fresh install on new Dell laptop Windows 10 pro machine and cannot open the "Invoice and Memo" input screen in the Accounts Receivable module. I've found online a MS solution to install Report Viewer 2010 but that doesn't fix the problem.  Has anyone else had this issue and has the fix?  Thank you!

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    Reid Profile Picture
    Reid 80 on at
    RE: A/R Invoice and memo screen (08.010.00) fails to open

    Thank you Jana -- this was the answer and fix -- 

    "For Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 CU1:

    The CU1 version of 0822000.dll was recompiled with the latest Report Viewer that was included with Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015. Therefore, installing a specific version of the Report Viewer is not needed.    

    Copy the 0822000.dll into the AR folder for the Invoice and Memo screen to work correctly, and into the QQ folder for the AR Invoice Preview Quick Query to work correctly."

    I'm not sure how the 0822000.dll file is missing from the initial setup as I've installed this client on 15+ pc's and never run into this issue.  Thank you for your response though!

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    CFROTON 4,710 on at
    RE: A/R Invoice and memo screen (08.010.00) fails to open

    Dear Reid,

    I'm unfamiliar with the report viewer problem. However did you try to open the screen in "Standard" mode?

    Uninstall the client/reinstall the client, might work.

    Best Regards,

    Jana MacDonald

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