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Electronic Reporting - NACHA File

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Hi Experts,
I was wondering how we best achieve the requirement for NACHA files via Electronic Reporting .  NACHA files have a “blocking factor” of 10. This means that the total number of lines in a file must be a multiple of 10. If the line count is not divisible by 10,  then the file is padded with lines of 9s until it meets this requirement.
For example,
1) If the file has 6 lines we need to pad it with another 4 lines of 9's. File therefore has 10 lines
2) If the file has 10 lines, no padding of 9's is needed - File already has 10 lines
3) If the file has 98 lines we need to pad it with another 2 lines of 9's. File has 100 lines which is a multiple of 10.
Using the standard oob file, no padding is provided when we produce the file.
Any ideas.....
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    Electronic Reporting - NACHA File
    I wanted to share what the developer did to overcome the dynamic padding needed to cater for the NACHA requirement.
    1) 9 specific lines of padding were created. Each padding line is triggered if the formula is true.
    2) In each line of padding the following formula was added (see screenshot). +4 in the formula represents the 2 Header Lines and 2 Batch Control lines which are required in the file.
    So if the difference is >=1. This line would be invoked and added to file, bringing it to block of 10.
    3) Line 2 formula - Note the >=2
    4) This is repeated for each padding line and the value is incremented. Below is a screenshot for Line 9
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    Electronic Reporting - NACHA File
    Hi, I'm subscribing to this, because I'd also like to know.  In another system, I used txt file to create the nacha file.  I was able to edit the txt file directly.  You may not want a user to be able to do this, but it was a work around to get the system to work as expected.

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