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One employee/multiple companies

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I have a client who has several companies.  Some employees work across multiple companies.  What he'd like to do is pay these employees out of a "home" company, but allow them to work for the others.  This way, they would be receiving only one W2 at year end.  They have Multi-Company and this seems like a good solution, but I don't see where PR is MC enabled.

Any ideas?

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    Toni S. 2,645 on at
    Re: Re: Re: One employee/multiple companies

    Make sure that the employer ID of the other companies is the same as the main one, if possible.  then it should combine them on W2s (or at least 1099s work that way).


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    Stuart Nottingham 1,170 on at
    Re: Re: One employee/multiple companies
    You're doing it fine, but this client doesn't have Time and Expense. They're using just payroll.
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    RedStorm 1,350 on at
    Re: One employee/multiple companies

    We may not be doing it correctly (disclaimer) but we have 4 companies and on their timesheets (done via Time and Expense module) they are working on projects that are tagged with different companies (on Project Maintenance screen).  So 1 employee may charge to Company A projects, and Company B projects on the same timesheet (i.e. is doing work for both companies).  But when payroll is processed it is processe for one company and there is only one W-2.  Is this similiar to your situation?  Or do you have other variables or questions that I might be able to answer?  Thanks!  Dave Simon

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