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My Query creates duplicates

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Posted on by 161
Hi all,
I have the following Bug :( 

I have added a lookup field to the LogisticsPostalAddress Form that is used to create addresses on a legal entity. The Site just contains Names of Sites:

After this I added a column to the OmLegalEntity form to show the Site related to each Address created.
I then added the Site table to the DirPartyPostalAddress Query

And the SiteName to the  DirPartyPostalAddressView

I am now able to see the SiteName in the address grid

My problem:
The address grid now shows the same address multiple times (one for each SiteName in my Site table).
I have confirmed that not duplicates is created in the database. So the problem seems to be somewhere ind my Query  Or the relationsships that I have created between tables.

I have tried Different kinds of joins and oneToN and OneToOne relationships. But the table Either shows the duplicates or no addresses at all.