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Number of threads to use in a batch processing

Posted on by 28
Hi experts, 
I have a doubt on maximum usage of threads in a batch process. I am right now using /Top picking/ strategy to allocate tasks to each threads in sys operation. The maximum number of threads that Microsoft recommends to set is about 16. My doubt is, can we use all the 16 threads or about 15 threads when we are running our batch job in multithreading sys operation? There are some jobs that will be run by default for some standard processes, right? Will those get affected if I use about 15 threads? I don't have any exact requirement for heavy load processing. I am just trying to understand whether it will impact anything else if use the maximum capability of threads. Any suggestions are appreciated. 
Thanks in advance, 
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    Kevin Xia Profile Picture
    Kevin Xia Microsoft Employee on at
    Number of threads to use in a batch processing
    You can refer to this blog post: Priority-based batch scheduling in Dynamics 365 - It introduces about priority-based batch scheduling. Or you can refer to this official document: Batch processing and batch servers - Finance & Operations | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft LearnThis article describes batch processing and batch servers, and how to plan for their use.
    Best regards,
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    andreasraithel 4,457 on at
    Number of threads to use in a batch processing
    Hy John,
    you are on the right track, as batch jobs setup and moinitoring is crucial to avoid business process breaks.
    If no threads are avaialable for other important batch jobs they will be queued until thraeds ara available again.
    So planning of batch jobs is very important, starting point is here to understand the priority based batch configuration Priority-based batch scheduling - Finance & Operations | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Learn and for more planing and documentation this also a good approach for Sysadmins Batch Jobs; Take control of the executions | Kurt Hatlevik – Dynamics 365 Blog
    Hope this helps
    Herzliche Grüße / kind regards,
    Andreas Raithel
    D365FO Solution Architect
  • Andre Arnaud de Calavon Profile Picture
    Andre Arnaud de Cal... 283,405 Super User on at
    Number of threads to use in a batch processing
    Hi John,
    Technically, you can set up all the available batch threads. The result is that when a new batch task should be executed and no threads are available, it will queue up the tasks until there is another one available. 
    From an implementation point of view, you would need to check what batch processes you need. Which are critical? At what time are they running? When you know possible overlaps and priorities, you can determine what number of threads to allocate.

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