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Electronic reporting - Filter main accounts in export

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Hi all. In Electronic Reporting, I have a file export which contains ledger transactions. I want to filter the export based on for example a range of main account, e.g. 30000..39999, or for example if the main account starts with either 4, 5, 6 or 7. I've tried different things using a calculated field and the filter function, but I don't get it to work.
Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance.
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    Adis 256 on at
    Electronic reporting - Filter main accounts in export
    It didnt have such a case, so I cant test and check what works, so its hard to tell the exact way how it works, but I would try the following:
    1.: You said you could already filter your revenue accounts with STARTSWITH('TR.MainAccount'.MainAccountId, "3"), cant you exclude Main account "39500" with:
    If StartsWith(3) AND(Not((StartsWith(39500))) then StartsWith(3) or something similar?
    2.: The SQL query doesnt work as you have strings, therefore, you need to convert to Number. Therefore, I would try using a List(StartsWith(3)) To create a list, convert with INTVALUE() and then Filter or Where should be possible. 
    Maybe a developer can help looking at the available functions.
    Sorry, if I cant give answers, but I try to give ideas.
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    tnaess 30 on at
    Electronic reporting - Filter main accounts in export
    Hi Adis. Thank you for your answer. As mentioned, I've tried to filter using a calculated field. I have for example filtered my revenue accounts which starts with the digit 3 by using this formula: 
    STARTSWITH('TR.MainAccount'.MainAccountId, "3")
    What I'm looking for is something that equals this sql query:
    SELECT *
    FROM LedgerTrans
    WHERE MainAccountId BETWEEN 30000 AND 39999
    AND MainAccountId <> 39500;

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    Adis 256 on at
    Electronic reporting - Filter main accounts in export

    What filter function do you mean?
    I would go either to the format or model mapping designer and edit the formula.
    I guess you will need on of the logical functions:
    Kind regards, Adis

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