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Version 24.1 changed 37 of our Number Series (No. Series)

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Our Production environment was upgraded to 24.1 a few days ago.  It seems to have added No. Series lines to 37 of our number series, including all purchasing and sales document types.  The number series used by BC are the new lines added, not the ones we setup.
(Also annoying: Microsoft upgraded our PRODUCTION environment BEFORE our three sandboxes.  So, even if we were testing, we couldn't have noticed this...)
* Why were these lines added?
* How do we undo?  Remove all of the extra No. Series Lines?
* How do we make sure this doesn't happen every time there is an update (i.e. Microsoft needs to know ASAP!)?
Below is a screenshot for Purchase Invoices:
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    YUN ZHU Profile Picture
    YUN ZHU 63,857 Super User on at
    Version 24.1 changed 37 of our Number Series (No. Series)
    Just sharing an info, I saw a similar question yesterday, not sure if it is related to this one.
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    Len C Profile Picture
    Len C 149 on at
    Version 24.1 changed 37 of our Number Series (No. Series)
    FYI, I'm trying to get approved to get into that Yammer group.  But our VAR just told me that the issue has been reported there, and Microsoft reports working on a hotfix.
    And I just reproduced the issue: Created a draft Sales invoice before 24.1.  BC uses one of the Number Series Lines.  After the update, BC uses the other line.

    Nevertheless, I went through all 37 No Series that had two Lines, and either deleted the one we didn't want, or used Starting Dates to explicitly select one.

    I now wish I hadn't deleted the out of the box ones now, but have backups in config package exports....
  • Len C Profile Picture
    Len C 149 on at
    Version 24.1 changed 37 of our Number Series (No. Series)
    Ok, updated findings. Comparing to our sandbox, those extra No Series lines were always there!  But BC was using the 'first one' listed in the default No. Series Lines view.  After the update, it seems to have started using the second one listed.
    The lines we HAD been using were setup by our VAR years ago. They mostly remove the prefix.  (I kind of like the default prefixes; not sure why he removed them; guessing he was going for narrower Numbers in order to make view columns narrower.)

    Why was MBC using one line or the other?  The only property I can see differentiating two lines on one Number Series is the line's systemid.  The systemid - a UID - is 'larger' alphabetically for the one we were using before - the custom one - than the default one.  

    I've kicked off an upgrade in our sandbox and will see if BC now changes which lines it uses in that sandbox.  Will report back later...
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    Valentin Castravet Profile Picture
    Valentin Castravet 6,854 Super User on at
    Version 24.1 changed 37 of our Number Series (No. Series)
    I have also not seen this happen in any BC environment before. Perhaps a config. package was applied with this data?
  • gdrenteria Profile Picture
    gdrenteria 4,883 Super User on at
    Version 24.1 changed 37 of our Number Series (No. Series)
    MS does not add information on its minor and major changes to customer environments deliberately or in such an intrusive manner that I identify.
    Could you check if someone has not used the configuration packages?
    You could create a support ticket as well, so that MS can analyze your case in depth. You can also write to the official Yammer portal to explain your case, surely something similar has happened to someone else. Viva Engage : Dynamics 365 Business Central Partner Community (Formerly: Development) : Web client : Nuevas conversaciones (
    Additionally, you could also control the updates of minor and major changes, planning the most appropriate dates and times, so that you can test, for example, in sandbox environments before production is updated, here is some more information.

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