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Tracking Shares of Stock

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We have a customer who needs to keep track of its investments, number of shares, and cost.  (There's no real need to keep up with market valuations.)
It's not a trading situation.  In fact, the companies for the investments are not listed.  They're privately owned. 
There might be a case when some or all shares of a particular company will be sold.  The customer needs to keep track of that, as well, including capital gains. 
Premiums, indexing, and stock certificates along with their dates and number of shares remaining after sale would need to be tracked.
I'm not sure if inventory would be a way to do it.
Does anyone have any ideas?
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    Valentin Castravet Profile Picture
    Valentin Castravet 4,089 Super User on at
    Tracking Shares of Stock
    KasparsSemjonovs's idea could work. You could also look into using statistical accounts to track this information, or perhaps customizing the system to do it. It really depends how much functionality they need, there is a pretty big BC add-on for doing all of that too - Financial Services Unified Software Solutions Specialists ( 
    Valentin Castravet
    Zander ERP Services
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    Jun Wang Profile Picture
    Jun Wang 3,539 Super User on at
    Tracking Shares of Stock
    from the look of it, I doubt BC is suitable to meet needs of such situation. even user might be able create workaround using out of box inventory related features, there might be situation that BC couldn't meet more industry specific requirements. 
    I would say be cautious to recommend BC for this customer.
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    KasparsSemjonovs Profile Picture
    KasparsSemjonovs 2,975 Super User on at
    Tracking Shares of Stock
    From the description - it seems that Inventory would suit the best to fulfill the needs. 
    The type of item most likely would be Inventory - as You want to see how much quantity you have "on-hand", and be able to register several decreases of the initial quantity, and You cannot go into negative quantity. 
    Item revaluation Journal can be used to revaluate the value of the remaining quantity on periodical basis - to keep up with the stock value change over time.
    The Gen Prod. Posting group for the such items would be different, from regular inventory, so that the value would be put into a separate GL account (some Investments/Stocks account) and regular items would be with different group that goes to Inventory GL account. 

    Also the number series relationships can be configured, so that when You create a new item and choose the Stock number series - the Item number would be different from regular items.

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