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Warning while cancelling a voucher

Posted on by 30

Hi Guys,

While Cancelling a voucher in Invoice Approval Journal in AP getting the following warning.

Field "Reference" must be filled in

Field "Supplier Account" must be filled in

But Reference field is not present anywhere and Supplier account is filled already, so don't know why this warning is propping up. If anyone encountered this issue before please let me know how to resolve it


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    RE: Warning while cancelling a voucher

    Hi Karan,

    Could you provide all steps you performed - including the first transaction, how it has been settled and so on ? 

    Thank you.

  • Karan Nair Profile Picture
    Karan Nair 30 on at
    RE: Warning while cancelling a voucher

    Also there is another update. the voucher is present in the closed transaction settlement form for the vendor. Is it why i am unable to cancel that voucher in invoice approval journal?

  • Karan Nair Profile Picture
    Karan Nair 30 on at
    RE: Warning while cancelling a voucher

    Hi Ludwig,

    Thanks for the reply back

    No I am not able to cancel the voucher ignoring the warning.

    Also it simply needs to be cancelled as the invoice that it relates to was entered and paid in a different way.

    After creating a new invoice approval journal while finding the voucher i was not able to find it, so i unchecked the approved field from Vendtrans table for that voucher and then after that i was able to find the voucher.

    Does this have anything to do with the warning message?


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    Ludwig Reinhard Profile Picture
    Ludwig Reinhard Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Warning while cancelling a voucher

    Hello Karan Nair,

    That is a strange message.

    Can you actually cancel the voucher if you simply ignore the warning or does the cancellation not work at all?

    Also here, can you share some details of the transactions (e.g. screenprint)?

    Many thanks,


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