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Creating Inventory Issues with Object Model Extremely Slow

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

We have an application that writes Inventory Issues and Receipts via the SL Object Model. At one of our sites, each line takes a minute to create. The SL client runs from a network share. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it. Any ideas or suggestions? Entering Issues and Receipts via the SL UI is not tremendously fast, but it is quite a bit faster than via the external program.


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    Re: Creating Inventory Issues with Object Model Extremely Slow

    HI Seth,

    It would be helpful if you could clarify a few points so I understand the issue.

    1. By 'one of our sites' you mean a separate business at a separate location, not a specific SL inventory site within the same database?

    2. By 'network share' you mean that the SL client is running on the same local network as the server, with the SL client accessing the application files off a network share location? That is the standard SL deployment. If you mean that the client is accessing the server database/files over a WAN using a VPN connection then it will be extremely slow and won't be feasible.

    3. It sounds like the same customization works at an acceptable speed on other systems for the same SL version? If that is the case, it leads me to believe that there are a few things to focus on:

    a. Are these screens customized for this site?  If so, they will have an asterisk at the beginning of the screen name in the form's title bar. Screen customizations could be causing problems with object model. In a test system that also exhibits the issue you could run the object model customization after changing the customization level to 'Standard' to quickly determine if the customization is the cause.

    b. Is this site using a different inventory configuration, especially with respect to lot/serial numbering? That might point you in the right direction as to where to focus your investigation.

    c. Does this site have any custom triggers in the database? In some cases they can be responsible for system slowdowns. The following script will help you investigate (run for the SL application database):

    SELECT [Name], crdate FROM sysobjects WHERE type = 'TR'

    There isn't a specific way to know which ones are standard, but hopefully a developer would have used the best practice of prefixing custom object names with an 'x'. Otherwise, you could look for any with a later create date. For each custom trigger name, run sp_helptext <trigger name> to view the SQL. If you are able to understand SQL you might find a trigger on one of the inventory tables that warrants additional investigation.

    d. You could run a SQL profiler trace when line items are being created, noting any lines that have a long Duration value. That might narrow down on a SQL level where the slowdown is occurring.

    Hope this help,

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