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Dynamics 365 OnPrem Updates

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//Our team ran the update to the latest version of Dynamics 365 CRM OnPrem and the Full Server instance is on the latest version 
The company tries to do this at least once per year. 
However, I noticed the SQL Database/SRS Connector server is still on 
The Org is on 
We've ran this same update in Dev without much issues, both the Full Server instance, Database & Org are on
Is this a problem? It seems like it is. 
How do I update just the SQL Server instance? 
I've inherited a mess :) 
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    PerezAguiar on at
    Dynamics 365 OnPrem Updates
    To open an Onprem case, you can try:
    However, the issue (SRS Connector) points to 2 possibilities:
    a) if you have both things (SQL+Dynamics) on the same machine, the Dynamics will control the connector
    b) if you have SQL+Dynamics on separated machines, you need to update the reporting service extension.  YOu should be able to get an update for this as a separated
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  • Dynamics 365 OnPrem Updates
    @Leah Ju
    I've tried reaching out to support via that link you provided but they only support Dynamics 365 Cloud, not On Prem
    Our "CRM" is Customer Relations, Customer Service or Field Service.
    I've heard it described so many ways at this company, 
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    Leah Ju Microsoft Employee on at
    Dynamics 365 OnPrem Updates
    Hi Partner,
    Since it's not clear exactly what's deployed/updated on your end, suggest you create a support ticket for professional assistance following the below procedure.
    Get Help + Support - Dynamics | Microsoft Docs

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