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Add Http Response Headers to Portal page?

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Does anyone know how to add http request header content to a web page in Power Apps Portal?

Specifically I'd like to add the Content-Disposition tag to the header as I have a client who requests a dynamically (Liquid/FetchXML) generated CSV-file to be made available for the portal end-users.

The page and Liquid/FetchXML are easy to produce, and i'm able to set the Content-Type to text/csv in the webtemplate for the page. But I can't seen to find anywhere I can add the Content-Disposition to give the file a user friendly file name when downloaded.

Any ideas?

Regards Jan

  • Add Http Response Headers to Portal page?
    I've been trying to answer the same question. 
    The Microsoft documentation page linked to by the other user's response [] is entitled "Set up HTTP headers in Power Pages", but ACTUALLY it addresses only a small number of HTTP headers.  They are configured using site settings which implies, but does not clearly state, that they are the only HTTP headers supported. It also must mean that they are added to EVERY page which is not always desirable.
    For example, the following http response header
    Clear-Site-Data: "cache"

    You would not want this on every page, but it could be very useful on a custom logout page in certain circumstances.

     The example of JSON web templates did not seem to address the question at all.

     So far I have not seen an answer to this leading me to believe it cannot be done in Power Pages.

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    RE: Add Http Response Headers to Portal page?

    Hi Jan,

    You can refer following link:

    Setup HTTP headers in Power Apps portals - Power Apps | Microsoft Docs

    Use of JSON Type Web Templates in PowerApps Portals | Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Tips and Tricks (


    Leah Ju

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