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Turn Off Copilot

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I have a customer that does not want ANY copilot functions engaged for their D365 CE Customer Workspace based solution.
The environment 'Features' panel has all copilot functions turned off, and that made zero difference to the right hand pane with copilot still visible, as well as  the 'Highlights' copilot panel in Cases.
By changing the default 'Agent Experience profile' to not include copilot, this removed the right hand panel of copilot but kept the 'Highlights' portion still there, and only works, obviously, for users that use that app.
How can I totally switch off all copilot features and functions for an entire environment?
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    Turn Off Copilot
    Thanks for the effort, that was able to fix the immediate issue that I had in Customer Service Workspace.
    It is very troubling that there is no effective way to manage features like this.
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    Turn Off Copilot

    You can see what the official documentation says about Copilot.
    This is described in the official documentation: The generally available Copilot features are enabled by default and cannot be disabled. To disable these features, the tenant administrator must contact support.

    I found an alternative though, you can create a new agent profile, turn off copilot permissions, and then add all users to this new agent profile you created.

    This gives these users only the permissions you want to give them.

    You mentioned the AI in the timeline section, you can try to disable it by doing what I did below:
    1.You need to click on /Edit/ in one of the apps.

    2.Then turn off /Enable Timeline Highlights/ in /Features/.

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    Cui Hao

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