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Actions Disappeared after Personalization Error? Under Sales Order - Warehouse Under Actions

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Posted on by 118
I used to have personalization so that it showed below so that Create Warehouse Shipment was under Release- like below. (this is from Sandbox where no damage was done)
My colleage was having difficulty to have it the same way so we were trying to do it together and while I was showing, I played around a bit with the personalization and then an error occurred.
(It looks like we cannot move it anymore? I'm so confused at this point on that too)
The problem is, after this I cannot see this whole /Warehouse/ Menu AT ALL!???? I can only see it when I have personalization option turned on???
Now this is what it looks like-? I cannot find my Create Warehouse Shipment anywhere?????
I ONLY see it when I open personalization ??? 
I tried clearing personalization for actions only but I still cannot find it- now I cannot create warehouse shipment because I cannot find it?
Is this a bug or something I am missing here?
Thank you,