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How to personalize G/L accounts for budget

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Posted on by 28
Hello everyone
I have the following question about budget functionality:
is it possible change the name of the g/l account in the code column as I show in the image?
In addition if is there a way to change the g/l account's name in the code column and including in one line several g/l accounts.
I'll appreciate your help, thanks in advance.
Alejandro B
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    HVGEEL Profile Picture
    HVGEEL 278 on at
    How to personalize G/L accounts for budget
    Hi Alejandro,
    i believe you have false expectations for the G/L Budgets functionality.
    Aim is to provide budget amounts per G/L Account per period (and per dimension if that is a requirement).
    This aim litteraly answers your question:
    - you will only be able to provide budget amounts for G/L accounts that actually exist. Changing the G/L code to aonther (probably non-existing code) will make the budget useless.
    If you should export the Budget to Excel and prepare it... the import will fail due to missing G/L codes.
    Make sure to only use actual existing codes.
    - adding amounts for for amounts for "several G/L accounts in one line" will fail as well: BC will not be able to determine what accounts the amounts are meant for.
    My advice: get to know the G/L Budgets first as it comes out of the box... then try to adapt it to your needs. (although the possibilities for customizations are very slim, due to the remarks given?.)
  • Alejo Bohorquez Profile Picture
    Alejo Bohorquez 28 on at
    How to personalize G/L accounts for budget
    Thanks for your answer. It was helpful.
    Alejandro B.
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    Jun Wang Profile Picture
    Jun Wang 3,580 Super User on at
    How to personalize G/L accounts for budget
    why you want to change the code name? the code is the account no. from chart of accounts 
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    gdrenteria Profile Picture
    gdrenteria 2,786 Super User on at
    How to personalize G/L accounts for budget
    I would tell you that it is not possible, because this page contains a buffer table, since you can also change columns and rows dynamically, and what the code does is copy directly from the chart of accounts.
    There are also some third-party applications, which could give you more flexibility and functionality around budgets.
    Best regards

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