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How to setup NOT to trigger PO re-approval process after PO is approved.

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Hi all,
I have a business case as below:
Step 1: Create PR with only one line with Qty=10 and Unit Price = 100, the PR is approved.
Step 2: System automatic create /Approved/ PO with same Qty = 10 and Unit Price is 100.
Step 3: Vendor offers us a discount after approved PO (Step 2), Unit Price is $95 and same Qty =10, the total purchase order amount is changed to $950 (Original Step 2 is $1,000)]
Now user requests:
(i) Unit price $95 is lower than the original approved unit price $100, no need to trigger PO re-approval process. Any tolerance we can setup?
(ii) As long as the revised PO total amount $950 is less than the original approved $1,000 PO amount, no need to trigger PO re-approval process. Any tolerance we can setup?
Please kindly share your idea.