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Features Comparison - D365 CRM On-Prem vs CRM Online

Posted on by 863


Currently, we have D365 CRM on-prem and we are planning to move to the cloud.

Could you please elaborate on a high level on the features that are included in the cloud and not available on-premises?

I would appreciate it if you could list the features in bullet points.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

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    EBMRay 863 on at
    RE: Features Comparison - D365 CRM On-Prem vs CRM Online

    Hello Haig Liu  and PerezAguiar ,

    Thank you for providing me with such detailed and informative answers regarding the differences between the two.

    We will definitely be moving to the cloud because there are also a lot of features that we can benefit from and are not available on-prem like (Teams collaboration, Sales AI Insights, Sales Accelerator, Lead auto-assignment rules, and so on..)

    Have a great week ahead!

    Best regards,


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    PerezAguiar Profile Picture
    PerezAguiar on at
    RE: Features Comparison - D365 CRM On-Prem vs CRM Online


    I think that besides Data Residency, you have other important components:

    - Infrastructure required:  If your infrastructure is OnPremise, you'll probably need an ADFS to expose the Dynamics through Internet.  Which means that now you need besides a Dynamics Administrator, OS administrator and SQL Administrator, you'll need an ADFS administrator

    - Escalating:  Depending on the size of your infrastructure and business requirements, increasing/Decreasing the size (vertically or horizontally) whenever you need more processing requires a set of additional tasks.

    - Patches:  How often do you update the entire infrastructure? (SQL updates, Dynamics updates, AD updates, OS updates, underlying technology updates (Virtualization, BIOS, etc)?   Whenever you plan for an update on any of these services, what´s the cost of adding all people, testing system, etc?

    - Fault tolerance:  Depending on how critical is your information, you should have a High tolerance infrastructure which might mean duplicating the physical infrastructure. 

    By using D365 online, you only need the Dynamics administrator, as Storage/OS/Authentication is handled by Microsoft.  Since it's using Microsoft cloud, and as long as you stay within the limitations of the product (4tb of data for example), escalating runs on Microsoft.  Patches are released every weekend automatically on the platform, and Microsoft ensures underlying technology is up to date.  Finally, and due to data residency and high availability, data is stored in at least 2 different datacenters.


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    Haig Liu Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Features Comparison - D365 CRM On-Prem vs CRM Online

    Hi EBMRay,

    A significant part of the difference between On-Prem and cloud is based on where they store data.

    This article lists the cloud features that are not available in On-Prem:

    In fact, in practice, the cloud can reduce the cost of managing data.

    This is especially true for smaller organizations and individuals that do not need to spend the cost on hardware and servers, while at the same time, as time grows, they run into the problem of not having enough cloud space.

    At that point, they must choose to economize on storage or buy more storage. On-Prem, on the other hand, does not have this limitation.

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