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Invoice capture - connecting invoice fields

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I have a problem with some invoices. When I OCR them, it sometime recognizes some fields, but I can't connect or disconnect them because it doesn't gave me those fields as connected. So sometimes I can't do nothing with those fields other than correct it myself.
Also, I have an issue with the Vendor name (it recognizes the Vendor name as a Logo, and also I can't connect is with other fields as it doesn't recognize the fields) so I must also correct it myself.

I noticed that my OCR doesn't learn from the older invoices, as it makes the same mistakes on the new invoices, and it isn't so sure for some fields.
  • Invoice capture - connecting invoice fields

    We are facing the same issues as described in your post - and did not get much clarification from the reply.
    Have you found any solution that you can share? Would be much appreciated.
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    Kevin Xia on at
    Invoice capture - connecting invoice fields
    It's not quite possible to determine why this issue arises. You can adjust the confidence threshold of the OCR system. A lower confidence score may result in more fields being recognized. You can refer to this official documentation: Invoice capture solution configuration groups - Finance | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Learn. It describes how to define the confidence score, administrators can define the quality standard for the invoice date that's recognized by AI Builder. When the recognition is completed, structured invoice data and the corresponding confidence score for each field on the invoice are sent from AI Builder. The confidence score on each recognized field indicates confidence about the accuracy for the returned result. You can also refer to this blog: It posts on a technical talk about invoice capture.
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