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Accrued Purchase Report

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We are trying to get the Accrued Purchase Report to reconcile to the GL , but have never been successful in making it work for an end of a mth scenario eg 30/11/23, Th report is using the cut off date as 30/11/23  as an example when the report is run with a filter on PO header with accounting date <1/12/23., and trying to agree to the TB at 30/11
Where are we going wrong. It would be to have a subledger report ( like Aged DRS to the respective control account) to reconcile to the TB.  The Accrued Purchase report with cut off date at the end of the FY of  31/12/23 , does agree with the TB at 31/12/23 but this is not ideal from a control perspective  during teh year We have no ability to get a breakdown  of the accrued purchase liability in the BS which seems a basic need for control