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Gift card "item" sync from Shopify to Business Central

Posted on by 763
We have the Shopify/BC connector setup and working, however, in our Shopify Products we have digital gift cards that they have not mapped to the non-inventory item within Business Central. In shopify, we have the item with 4 variants, but none of the items show up on the /Shopify Products/ within Business Central. The item is setup as a Business Central non inventory item. Any ideas what I may be missing to get this to come over so it can be mapped?

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    TB-20061255-0 Profile Picture
    TB-20061255-0 6 on at
    Gift card "item" sync from Shopify to Business Central

    Hello everyone,

    I need help regarding the recording of gift cards in BC. When I buy a card in Shopify, how can I get the purchased card into the Shopify order and eventually into the sales order?

    It's possible that I'm not thinking in the right direction, so I would appreciate it if someone could explain exactly how the process with gift cards from Shopify to BC should look.

    Thank you in advance, everyone.

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    Jun Wang 5,519 Super User on at
    Gift card "item" sync from Shopify to Business Central
    do you mean the item number is blank in BC after the items in shopify are brought over to BC? if so, check the no. series setup for items in BC. system should auto assign one if the numbering set up is correct. Also check the setup on shopify store page in BC.
  • Gift card "item" sync from Shopify to Business Central
    I am having the exact same issue now, I cannot figure out what is causing the issue?
    Did you manage to find a solution?
  • Gift card "item" sync from Shopify to Business Central
    I have the same issue.
    I'm working with 2 types of gift card, one being an item with defined amount,  and the otehr being a custom_sale item type in Shopify.
    Some orders are mapped properly and creates the gift cards, but most don't. The sale line is incomplete and BC is unable to create the SO or Invoice.
    Pattern seems to be the main item in Shopify is ok. But variants are problematic.
    And I have an issue with all custom_sale items so gift cards also don't work.
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    KJ-03062255-0 763 on at
    Gift card "item" sync from Shopify to Business Central
    I tried "add product" and that actually brought it into the list and mapped it to the BC item, the orders are now coming over with the item description and amount, but the item number is blank and it won't create the BC sales order

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