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Howto use Dynamics CRM in a law firm

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

We are investigating the use of Dynamics CRM in a Law firm. First we want to keep it as simple as possible. We want to create Accounts and contacts, which is very straight forward. At this point we do not want to go through a complete sales process but we want to create a (what we call) "Matter" for this contact (for example "Jack vs Diane - 123456"). To this "Matter" we add some "metadata" (name of lawyer, etc, etc). For the moment this is all. De "matters" are linked to a separate financial system and dms where the actual Matters/files/sets (how you call it) are made.

So when I try to translate to Dynamics CRM.

-First create an account with contacts

-Directly create a matter (empty salesorder?, no products, pricelists, etc, etc)

Does anyone have a direction to go? Or done this before? Or any other help/suggestions?

Thanks, Mike

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    RE: Howto use Dynamics CRM in a law firm

    I probably wouldn't use the native sales process within CRM for this.  I would create a few custom entities, to track your industry and company specific information.  In your example I would create an entity called Matter and add fields to track specific information, I would then create one or many relationships to contacts which are denoted by the parties in the case and any relevant third parties, etc.  Also tie a relationship back to Account for the same purpose.  If you need an integration to a financial systems, you can either process imports and exports manually though the import wizard if you have a small budget, or create an integration via Scribe or other tools to the financial system.  

    Long and short of it is, MSCRM can be tailored to almost any industry, the extent of which is only limited to budget and time.  

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    RE: Howto use Dynamics CRM in a law firm

    Hi Rajkumar,

    Thanks, I saw this solution but I do not now if that suites our budget. So first I try to figure out if own customizations might be a way to go.

    Regards, Mike

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    Rajkumar Rajaraman 18,108 on at
    RE: Howto use Dynamics CRM in a law firm


    Watch this video:

    Hope this helps.



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