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Load Contact Point Consents

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Hi gurus
Does anyone have a workaround for the loading of Contact Point Consent records from Subscription lists (Outbound). It seems like it is not possible to load contact consent records into RTM from a subscription list unless the Contact Owner and the owner of the Compliance Profile is in the same Business unit? 
I want to create opt-in records for all the records in a subscription list to a specific Compliance Profile, Consent Purpose (Commercial) and topic. i want to do this using my user (sys admin user) but the only contacts that get created in the Contact Point Consent lad is the once that have a owner in the same BU as I'm in. 
Is there away around this? Or do I need to load each Subscription list in to RTM using a user belonging to the same BU as the contacts in the subscription list?
Regards Mattias