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MIcrosoft Sustainability Error in Import form

Posted on by 88

I am working in Microsoft Sustainabilty form and looking into the exercise of Importing datan

Exercise - Import data - Training | Microsoft Learn

I have downloaded the file from GitHub 

When I have done up until step 20 in the instruction

However - When doing this I get an error message

This is the error message
Failure dateError message
4/22/2024 5:06:42 AMInvalid value for Spend type attribute. Please check if it exists. (MSM-01-0008)
4/22/2024 5:06:42 AM
Invalid value for Spend type attribute. Please check if it exists. (MSM-01-0008)

This is the spend type
Spend type

What type of inoformation should I put in here to resolve the error?
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    DZ-24061548-0 2 on at
    MIcrosoft Sustainability Error in Import form
    Hi there
    I'm going through the course as well and encountered the same issue.  I believe I figured out what's going on though.
    • When you load data from "Purchased electricity Wide World Importers 2022.xlsx", the Auto map button included the "Spend Type" field. 
    • By default, Auto map tries to populate the target field of Spend Type using the "Energy type" field from the spreadsheet.
    • Form the home page, if you navigate to Data > Reference Data, you'll see a source for Spend Type.  If you click on View, you'll see the valid values that are accepted.  If you scroll down, you'll notice that the value of "Electricity" (which was being used from the spreadsheet) is not in the list.
    • I believe that there are three ways to solve the loading problem.
      1. Since Spend Type isn't a required field, you can simply remove it from the mapping in your import.
      2. If you want to tie the import to a Spend Type, you can select one of the valid values.  As a test, I created a new field in the spreadsheet with values of "Accommodation" (which happens to be the first Spend Type entry). 
      3. I believe that you could also add a new value of "Electricity" to the Spend Type source but I haven't tested this.  The first two steps in this list did work though.
    I hope this helps.  Drop me a line to me know if this worked for you.

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