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Workflow purchase order approval, Not ending with Release

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Posted on by 220
We need to set up some workflow approval for purchase orders. The default workflow ends with a Released PO which will not work for us. (A released PO in our business means that it is confirmed by the supplier, and when the purchased is approved it is not even sent to the supplier..).
I would like another status option when the purchase is sent to approval, like /Waiting for approval/ just as /Waiting for pre-payment/ works. 
Or process will in my imagination go like this:
Person A will make a purchase order - if the amount is bigger then X it has to be approved by person B before it can be sent to any supplier. (I don't know how this approval will be triggered though..)
The PO is now marked with /Wating for approval/
Person B approve the PO and it will maybe get the status /Approved/
Person A can now go on and send it to the supplier and release it when it is confirmed by the supplier.
Do anyone have a workflow like this or do you have other suggestions?