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Transfer order - Shipment

Posted on by 150

Hi Guys, 

I'm working with Ax 2012 R3, 

I have a problem with transfer Order but only when i update on the OT after releasing to warehouse.

1-  create OT, release to warehouse, works created, run works with wms portal, outbound shipment and finally Post ship transfer - - >  it's working fine  OK  

2- crete OT ( item X, qty = 2 ) , release to warehouse , works created , update the quantity to 3 on the OT , release to warehouse ( or create new load with quatity 1) , works created, outbound shipment,   Post ship transfer - - > No line for posting / update has been cancelled 

shipment is confirmed and the statut of load pass to shipped but can't post it 

So to resume when i create an OT and precess it, it's working Fine 

but when i update the OT before the posting and precess it, it's NOT wroking --> can't post the shipment 

is it a BUG ? or i have some settings missing ? or any idea ?





  • RE: Transfer order - Shipment

    Hi Hedi,

    Earlier you could submit it using PartnerSource/CustomerSource, however as of 1st Oct 2020 you should be able to submit it using LCS


    Abhishek Mehta

    Senior Support Engineer

    Dynamics 365 for Operations

    Customer Service and Support

  • hedi1012 Profile Picture
    hedi1012 150 on at
    RE: Transfer order - Shipment

    Hi Abhishek,

    thanks for your reply,

    please tell me how can i log a case with you ?

    Best regards,

  • hedi1012 Profile Picture
    hedi1012 150 on at
    RE: Transfer order - Shipment

    Hi Ludwig,

    Thanks for you response,

    I will see if i find a Hotfixs in this list.

    Best regards,

  • Suggested answer
    Ludwig Reinhard Profile Picture
    Ludwig Reinhard Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Transfer order - Shipment

    Hello Hedi,

    You can check the available hotfixes here:

    If you cannot find something there that seems to fit your specific issue, open a support ticket, as Abhishek suggested.

    Best regards,


  • RE: Transfer order - Shipment

    Hi Hedi, 

    My suggestion would be to log a case with us, You will receive confirmation if it's a bug.

    Abhishek Mehta

    Senior Support Engineer

    Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management

    Customer Service and Support

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