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Issues w/ fresh sync setup

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I'm exploring data sync functionality between BC / Dataverse on fresh sandbox deployment. Experiencing significant issue getting a functional proof of concept together, some things I've noticed. Wondering if anyone has experience on this setup (I've done similar on FO using their dual-write solution) and if there's simply lapses in its implementation?
1. Default company for users operating in the Dataverse - within Power Platform /Business Central Configuration/ app, I've assigned myself to the Business Central company as well set the default company for forms under user profile. Newly created records are not being created under that company (company field is blank).
2. Transformation rules do not seem to function. I've applied transformation rules to convert from the Dataverse country (full text, i.e. Canada) to the ISO code (i.e., CA) which does not seem to be working. In troubleshooting, I've simply tried to apply a /lowercase/ transformation with validation disabled; I however receive a fully capitalized /CANADA/ in BC as typed from DV. The transformation rule when tested (in the lower pane test section of the transformation rule window) it does work as expected. No matter what I do, it just seems the verbatim DV value is wrote to BC. I've explored every permutation I can think of in configuration, i.e. the transformation direction, etc.
3. I've enabled sales processing within the DV, created an order and submitted it to BC. Within BC, I update some values and release the order (making it eligible for sync back to DV). The sync encounters the following error /An error occurred when communicating with Dataverse. Detailed description: Cannot Update a Read-Only Entity/.
The breadth of issues so far is concerning me about its production capabilities...
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    Issues w/ fresh sync setup
    Item 2 and 3 were resolved by taking the latest update to business central (this is posted May 27, 2024 for reference). This release wave oddly came available to my environments a day or two after posting this. 
    Item 1 is outstanding but not a priority since I’m currently operating a single entity corporation. 
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    Issues w/ fresh sync setup
    I share with you the link of a blog that I think has several entries that talk about this integration, I hope it helps you in some of these questions.

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