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Batch job tasks - only save errors to history

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I have created a data export project that exports data entities to our customer's BYOD. The export is run in batch and since it runs frequently, by default it creates lot of records in the BatchJob table. I have changed the batch job setting to save only errors to history. Still, the batch job tasks/lines that the batch job executes get saved in the BatchJob table and i haven't been able to find the setting to prevent that. I had created the original batch job and it is currently set to run by a different user. Should that user change the "save to history" setting as well? Many thanks for any assistance.

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    Batch job tasks - only save errors to history
    Hi Piski, 
    There is still no way to prevent Batch Jobs from being created afaik, but you could delete them with OOB: 
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    RE: Batch job tasks - only save errors to history

    Hi Will,

    thank you for the answer. It seems that in our case, setting up a regular batch history cleanup will be needed to remove the batch task records.

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    RE: Batch job tasks - only save errors to history

    Hi Piski,

    Alerts will always be sent if the Save job to history option on the General tab is set to Always. If this option is set to Errors only, alerts will be sent only if the job was unsuccessful. If this option is set to Never, alerts will not be sent.

    This setting is just to control the alerts, batch task records will always be saved in the table.

    You could create a "Custom batch job history clean-up".

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