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msdyn_AIConfiguration Size

Posted on by 433
This table has increased in capacity significantly over the last month.
I have viewed this article in relation to it, however when I try to run the bulk delete job as suggested, it doesn't find any Case Topic Extraction records. Would anyone know of any other issues that could cause this?
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    msdyn_AIConfiguration Size
    The suggested steps to clean up the table size are: a. Go to Settings > System Job
    b. Click on "More Actions" and select "Bulk Delete"
    c. Set the criteria to look for "AI Configurations" where the "AIModel" equals "CaseTopicExtraction" and the "Created On" is older than X days (e.g. 7 days) bloxd io
    d. Schedule the bulk delete job to run periodically (e.g. every 30 days) to keep the table size in check.
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    Leah Ju Microsoft Employee on at
    msdyn_AIConfiguration Size
    1.The Capacity page provides a tenant-level view of where your organization is using storage capacity.
    Ensure that the table store grows in the same environment in which you run the bulk delete job.
    2.Msdyn_AIConfiguration table stores data that supports, among other things, Summarization, KB Recommender, and Case Recommender AI data.
    Each job running will generate a record.
    The Case Topic Extraction feature is just one of the possible causes of the storage problem.
    If you are not sure which feature is causing this and are afraid to delete the data, you can seek help from Microsoft support team.

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