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Filter List View by Month?

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Posted on by 522
So I added a couple of extended date fields off of the Contact record. One for birthday and another for anniversary. When looking at the Contact List I would like to filter them against these field values. But only for the month. Using the date filters in the BC 365 SaaS web UI I don't want to use a range. Since that would evaluate the entire recordset in between. For example, if I wanted all Contacts with December birthdays, defining a date filter of 12/1/1753..12/31/9999 would list all Contacts with any defined birthdays.
Now looking to create something in AL code to accomplish this. I can picture how I would employ the logic. Using something like:
BirthMonth := Date2DMY(Birthday,2);
if BirthMonth = 12...blah blah blah
Can anyone suggest the best way that I could accomplish this? Searching around I can't seem to find an example targeted toward this exact logic.