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What is causing this failing job?

Posted on by 19
I have a job failing daily and I have no idea what is causing it.  Here are the details:
Name of job: Microsoft.Dynamics.OmnichannelBotExtension.Plugins.PostOperationAddBotSessionPlugin: Create of conversationtranscript
Job owner: #powervirtualagentsprod

Error details/plugin trace:
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    JinsengIT Profile Picture
    JinsengIT 36 on at
    What is causing this failing job?
    I opened a case with Microsoft and it was a known issue. Microsoft has pushed multiple fixes, and now we're not seeing these failures any longer.
  • What is causing this failing job?
    We are also facing this issue at my customer several times a day. It is pretty annoying😅 Any solution yet?
  • Leah Ju Profile Picture
    Leah Ju Microsoft Employee on at
    What is causing this failing job?
    Hi Partner,
    Through my search, i found this:
    It seems that it is OOB plugin, it's possible that the use of these two dependencies is causing an error.
    But i cannot meet this same error, Maybe you need open one ticket for Microsoft support team for more details;

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