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Comparison of new downloadable VHD and upgrade D365 FO

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Posted on by 871
I'm using downloadable VHD for my day to day works, and currently the D365 FO is on version 10.0.32 platform update 56. Since in LCS I notice there is new VHD with version 10.0.37, may I know is there any different between setting up a new VHD or just update my D365 FO ? and what is the pros and cons of setup new environment. 
For my current development it self, when first downloaded it is version 10.0.24, then it is upgraded (service update) several times until now is 10.0.32.
Based on this blog: I noticed they're using Windows 2022 Datacenter while mine is 2019. And Visual Studio while have 2019 and 2022, I'm still using 2019 until now.
So is there a big benefit to setup new one, instead keep upgrade D365 FO only through Service Update ?