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Auto Generate Booking with booking method

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Hi everybody,

I faced an issue today and would love some help.

I'm trying to use auto generate booking and works fine when the work order created is small (less than 8 hours, sample).

But when I have a booking setup with 40 hours and the auto generate booking is on, it book to the resource without respecting the working hours, breaks, etc....

Is any option of select the "booking method" like we do on the scheduled board for this "auto generate booking"?


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    Auto Generate Booking with booking method
    For auto-generated bookings, you can set the "booking method" similar to the scheduling board by adjusting your settings to respect working hours and breaks. Look for options in the scheduling or resource management settings to customize the auto-generate booking method.
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    Auto Generate Booking with booking method
    Hi Lucas,

    If you are still facing the problem, do look out for the Auto Scheduling feature of Maplytics, a geolocation app certified by Microsoft AppSource.

    The feature allows the appointment scheduler to mark the start and end times of the appointments in a day, their duration, break times, buffer times for travel, and so on. For continuous appointments, the scheduler can provision for meetings to stretch for days at the selected time slots. The feature also takes into consideration the availability of the clients and books appointments accordingly. It automatically reschedules recurring appointments after a specified number of days.

    Maplytics also enhances productivity with optimized travel routes, proximity search for leads, heat map analysis, and more!
    If this sounds helpful, do explore the Website or connect with the team at

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