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Can't create and send a customer voice survey from cloud flow in dynamics 365.

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Good morning!


my problem is the following: I am trying to create and send a customer voice survey through a cloud flow in dynamics 365. To do this, I create in dataverse tables the survey and questions dynamically, as I want as many surveys and questions as other related records I have in mind. I manage to create the records in the corresponding tables, but I have several problems. The first one is that the created surveys are not displayed in the customer voice interface. I think this is related to the FormId that customer voice applies when you create from the interface a new survey, I can not find a way to replicate from the flow in the dataverse table and I am creating it dynamically in base64. Secondly, when I try to send the survey, it gives me different errors depending on how I try to send it, an example is the following: survey for Request'OGFhZmNjZmNjZDgtM2YyYS1lZjExLTg0MGEtMDAyMjQ4ODdhMzIw') :: Error Microsoft.Forms.Pro.ApiFacade.Helpers.FlowServiceException: Unable to get form data for Request'OGFhZmNjZDgtM2YyYS1lZjExLTg0MGEtMDAyMjQ4ODdhMzIw') :: Error StatusCode: 401,...

Can anyone tell me, if when doing everything from a cloud flow, is there any aspect to take into account for the creation and sending of a survey with customer voice that I am not thinking about?

thank you!


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