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Find sales order options

Posted on by 20
Hello experts ! 
When I create a return order and when I click on /Find sales order/ to link the return order to a specific sales order, I have the following options (on the 2nd screenshot) : 

I can't find documentation for the two options circled in red and if I log in to another legal entity, I don't have these options.
Could you please tell me more about these options? Is there a default setup to enable or disable them ?
Furthemore, I noticed there was a missing space in the description. I would like to report this to Microsoft to fix in the next release. I'm currently working on version 10.0.39. How could I do that ? 
Thank you for your help ! ;)
  • Verified answer
    GuyUK Profile Picture
    GuyUK 28,343 on at
    Find sales order options
    Create corrective lines is available for legal entities in PL or HU
    Copy exchange rate is available for the following Countries: RU,CZ,EE,HU,LT,LV,PL
    Normally, this is controlled by the Country of the Primary postal Address on the Legal entity.
  • Valentin DORNIER Profile Picture
    Valentin DORNIER 20 on at
    Find sales order options
    Hello Laurens and Hana, 
    Thank you very much for your answers. 
    I asked my IT department and they don't see any customzation that could explain it. 
    The buttons only appear on a Polish environment. Maybe this is the explanation.
  • Suggested answer
    Hana Xue Profile Picture
    Hana Xue Microsoft Employee on at
    Find sales order options
    I tried to find the path you mentioned in the test environment and the fields circled on your screenshot were not showing up either, I switched multiple legal entities and the same result happened. My version is 10.0.39. So it is recommended that you can check if this form has been customized. If customized, please contact the person who customized it to disable it.

    Best Regards,
  • Suggested answer
    lvdtang Profile Picture
    lvdtang 1,118 on at
    Find sales order options
    Hello Valentine,
    I compared your screenshot with 'Find sales order' form one of my demo environments, but I cannot find the mentioned parameters:

    Also via 'Personalize' these parameters aren't available. Can you check whether it is a customization?

    Best regards,
    Laurens van der Tang

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