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I'm trying to sign XML through CU 6227 /Signed XML Mgt./ with the function SignXmlText. This procedure requires a private key which I got from Isolate Certificate using X509Certificate2.GetCertificatePrivateKey. This procedure returns my private key in XML string. I'm converting this to base64 and sending it as a parameter to SignedXMLMgt.SignXmlText(myxml, privatekey), but I'm getting the error /A call to System.Security.Cryptography.RSACryptoServiceProvider.ImportCspBlob failed with this message: Bad Version of provider./

Below is the code how i managed to get certificate and private key. I think i used the wrong method to get private key but this is the only way i could do it.
if IsolatedCert.Get('CERT0000000011') then begin
        cert64 := CertificateMgt.GetCertAsBase64String(IsolatedCert);
        if X509Certificate2.HasPrivateKey(cert64, password) then
             privatekey := X509Certificate2.GetCertificatePrivateKey(cert64, password);
signedxml := SignXmlMgmt.SignXmlText(xml, Base64Convert.ToBase64(privatekey));

As per the error message, it seems I need to export the CSP blob and send it as base64 to the SignXmlText() procedure. The question is how (bc this not possible from AL) or is there any other method i can do it.
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    which is the NAV/BC version are you working on ?

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