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Azure synapse link for dataverse

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i'm trying to connect d365 f&o with Azure Synapse Link to continuously export data from finance and operations apps into Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2, but after navigate to /azure synapse link/ in power platform and clicking new link it's showing me the following error.
/cpde/ /Ox80040220/,
/message/:/Principal user
type=8, roleCount=1, privilegeCount=568, accessMode='1 Administrative',
AADObjectId='4d46f0af-0d79-4238-8e6d-127 8a4d7dfad' ,
MetadataCachePrivilegesCount-8567, busines sUnitId=0af7dc80- cce0-ec11-bb3d-0 02248310e82 (System Administrator unlicensed user with filtered privileges from associated roles. Consider assigning License for the privileges to take affect. Please note that unlicensed administrators get Administrative access mode only in Dataverse environment. For more info, please visit https://go prvReaddatalakefolder privilege (Id=ae1bc145-7ef6-41 ca-a9e5-1d1343357f6e ) on 0TC=10027 for entity 'datalakefolder' (LocalizedName=' Data Lake Folder').
context.Caller=09d7d81d-dOba- ee11 -a569 -0 022482b6bcf. /}
Correlation Id:
e00de919-0c5e-4a45-8b34- a130ea27e890 Session Id:
43a963bf - c272 -4b04-9700-0ed199798b7b
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    CU03071709-0 2 on at
    Azure synapse link for dataverse
    You get this message, if the user is member of the group system administrators for the environment, but doesn't have a Microsoft 365 license assigned, and has never before signed into the power platform admin center.
    To solve this, the user must log into the power platform admin center at least once, before accessing this page.
    Quote: "Unlicensed administrators who need to work with Power Apps for Admins
    PowerShell module or management connectors need to sign into the Power Platform admin center at least once before invoking these administrative commands."
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    id365font Profile Picture
    id365font 400 on at
    Azure synapse link for dataverse
    Do you have Dataverse installed in the Power Platform environment?
    It is needed to install Synapse Link.

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