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Kanban filter view

Posted on by 125

Hi! When I change Kanban view for Opportunity, the sales cases will not filter according to the chosen view. 
For all different views I chose all salesoppertunities appears in the Kanban. 

Any solution? 

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    Inogic 23,963 on at
    Kanban filter view
    Hi Orjan,

    When you change the Kanban view for Opportunities and all sales opportunities appear regardless of the chosen view, it might be due to the Kanban board not filtering the records based on the selected view. This can happen if the Kanban configuration does not sync properly with the chosen filters.

    Here are some possible solutions to this:

    Check View Settings: Ensure that the view settings are correctly configured to apply the desired filters.

    Reconfigure Filters: Verify that the Kanban board is set to respect the filters applied in the chosen view. This might involve updating the Kanban board configuration.

    Once you've verified these settings and the issue persists, consider using Inogic's Kanban Board app for Dynamics 365 CRM. It offers enhanced features that can help resolve this issue and provide better visualization and management of your sales opportunities.

    Key features of Kanban Board App:

    Advanced Lane Filter: Use advanced lane filters to display only the desired lanes on the board, skipping the unnecessary ones.

    Visualize CRM Views: It allows you to visualize Dynamics 365 CRM views and record data as swim lanes/lanes in a Kanban view, ensuring the correct records are displayed based on the chosen view.

    Business Process Flows: You can view Dynamics 365 CRM Business Process Flows in a Kanban view, which provides a clear visual representation of your sales process.

    Task Analysis: Analyze tasks based on their status or priority level to reduce delivery time.

    Clear Representation: Provides a clear and visual representation of the work that needs to be done within the Kanban view.

    Easy Record Movement: Move record cards from one row to another with just a click of a button, simplifying workflow management.

    Owner Persona: Show owner persona images on record cards, enhancing user identification.

    Color Coding: Apply colors to record cards to segregate them based on work priority, making it easier to prioritize tasks.

    By using Inogic's Kanban Board, you can ensure that your Kanban view accurately reflects the filtered sales opportunities, providing a more efficient and visually appealing way to manage your sales pipeline.

    There is much more to Kanban Board’s amazing features.

    If you are interested in trying the app for better visualizing CRM data within Kanban View, then you can get it for a 15-day free trial from our Website or Microsoft AppSource.
  • RE: Kanban filter view

    Hi Orjan,

    I have tested the reported scenario in a vanilla organization and I am not facing any filtering issue for Opportunities Views in Kanban. It would help if you could provide additional insights, such as: Precise Opportunities View that you are using and precise filtering conditions used.

    Also, please do highlight what is the expected outcome VS the actual outcome that you are receiving.

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    Ali Khan 1,380 on at
    RE: Kanban filter view

    Wrong forum. Not related to Field Service.

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