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Get all the records in grid for iteration

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Hi I am facing a issue while running my validation on EcoResCategoryAddProduct form. I have added the code at closedOk method but it selects only first product from the selected grid  but it actually should iterate for loop for all the products in selected product grid as u can see in below image it is throwing error for first product which ideally should should validate all the records from the selected grid

How do I change my for loop, to get all the records from selected grid?
Also how to do the db refresh?
 public void closeOk()
        FormRun         callerForm = this.args().caller();
        EcoResProduct           selectedProduct;
        EcoResProductCategory   tmpEcoResProductCategory;
        EcoResProductCategory   existingEcoResProductCategory;
        container       productErrorMessages;
        if (callerForm && this.args().Caller().name() == formStr(EcoResCategory))
            EcoResCategory ecoResCategory = callerForm.dataSource(formDataSourceStr(EcoResCategory, EcoResCategory)).cursor() as EcoResCategory;
            for ( selectedProduct = EcoResProductSelected_ds.getFirst(1)?EcoResProductSelected_ds.getFirst(1):EcoResProductSelected_ds.cursor();
            selectedProduct = EcoResProductSelected_ds.getNext())
                productErrorMessages += this.checkGroup(selectedProduct, ecoResCategory);
            if(productErrorMessages != conNull())
                throw error (strfmt(/@SYS82282/, productErrorMessages));
        next closeOk();