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Change the automatic "Draft" subject name - SaveAppointmentAsDraft

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We have turned on the AllowSaveAsDraft setting on Appointments. After doing this, the Appointment name gets an automatic /[Draft]:/ text added to the front of the subject name (See image):
I would like to remove this.
This might be an obvious question, so all replies all very much appreciated!
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    Dengliang Li on at
    Change the automatic "Draft" subject name - SaveAppointmentAsDraft
    You can remove the draft prefix with JavaScript.
    function onload() {
            // Gets the HTML element for the title of the appointment entity.
           let title="h1[data-id='header_title']");
            //If the title's HTML element is not null.
                let title_text = title.innerText;
                if(title_text.includes("[Draft]: ")){
                //If the title contains the /[Draft]: / prefix, remove this prefix.
                    title.innerText = title_text.replace("[Draft]: ","")
            //If the title's HTML element is null, it is refetched every 10 milliseconds until it is not null.
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