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DYSL User Groups & upgrading

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Does anyone have any information on user groups for DYSL? One of the speakers  at Convergence mentioned a group that had tips/project plans about upgrading from DYSL 6.5 to DYSL 7.0 SP3. We are planning on upgrading to 7.0 and any tips or project plans would be greatly appreciated.



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    Re: Re: Re: Re: DYSL User Groups & upgrading

    The SL Users Group Conference moves around to various cities based on a vote... you can find the next location on their website Kind Regards Sandra

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    Toni Savage 260 on at
    Re: Re: Re: DYSL User Groups & upgrading

    Are the conferences always on the West Coast?


    <I'm on the East Coast>

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    Re: Re: Re: DYSL User Groups & upgrading

    The brochure for the 2010 fall meeting of the SL User Group states that early registration ends May 31. Has the date been changed?

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    Re: Re: DYSL User Groups & upgrading

    Dynamics SL User Group is the national organization which meets annually in the fall.  We also hold webinar's throughout the year and have started a network on LinkedIn.

    Each year, Microsoft calls upon the group to assist in the way of viable content and speakers.  This year's event was no exception.  Many of ID sessions and concurrent sessions were either ideas generated by the group or led by the group's members. 

    The group will hold it's annual meeting in San Diego from September 22nd - September 24th.  It is always looking for new members, new presenters and ideas for content.  This year we hope to provide sessions on not-for-profit &  government contracting in addition to our normal range of topics.

    We closed our 2009 registration at 150 attendees.  This year, we are raising that to 225 attendees.  Registration is open and you can get the link at Early registration ends June 15th. 

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    CBlaylock 145 on at
    Re: DYSL User Groups & upgrading


    The Dynamics SL User Group had a fall conference in San Diego this past September.  At that event, they did a session on Tips & Tricks of Updating.  The session was so popular it was used at Convergence.  If you attended Convergence, you have access to all the sessions, including the presentations.

    By joining the SL User Group, you gain access to content we have presented in the past.

    Please be aware that our group is holding it's annual Fall Conference in San Diego (Coronado Marriott) from September 22nd - 24th.  A corporate membership is only 600 and includes 1 free attedee if you register by June 15th.  Between June 16th - July 31st your first attendee will be 100.00 and if you register on or after August 1, it will be 200.00 for your first attendee.

    If you'd like more information, you can go to  We are offering a Trial Membership this year for 350.00 that does not include an attendee at our fall conference but it does include access to the content from our past events and to our webinars.

    Carolyn Blaylock (President, Dynamics SL User Group)

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    Toni Savage 260 on at
    Re: DYSL User Groups & upgrading

    There is a national user group, but I forget the name.   They usually have one or two sessions at Convergence... sometimes just Birds of a Feather sessions, though.  Check the CD you get from Convergence. 

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