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System Message 6201

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I seem to be getting this unusual error when a user is printing a certian report. The message is: Report executition failed. Error= Invalid printer specified.03650on (20F005E4-0C8E-4018-936D-4BA1FEAB1902).rpt. This occurs when the user with her user id and password is signed into SL 2011. I also get it if I am signed in with the SYSADMIN account. Her default windows printer is set up and i have made sure that her printer is set as the default in Printer Settings in SL 2011. If I switch her to a different printer, she does not get this error message. Also, when you select "Load Template", then "Print Preview", then try to print, it defaults to the XPS Document Printer. If I click on the drop down window and select the printer the user is trying to print to, that is when we get the System Message 6201 Error Message. This is when the user is in the Vendor Trial Balance Screen. I tried to duplicate the issue logged in with the SYSADMIN account and I get the same error message. Any ideas?


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    RE: System Message 6201


    I encountered something similar when moving a client from 6.5 to 2011 with custom reports that used Crystal Report parameters.  I was told, back then, that the SL ROI was never meant to handle Crystal Report parameters during ROI processing and that, if that worked under 6.5, it was an undocumented capability for which Microsoft had no intentions to make work under SL 2011.  I did not move this particular client through 7.0 so I do not know if it still worked under 7.0 but definitely does not work under 2011.  I ended up retooling the report to use ROI parameters instead of Crystal Reports parameters.  Not probably what you wanted to hear but that was what I was told.

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    RE: System Message 6201

    Hello Carolyn,

    I have the problem that is listed under #2 above. Our custom report does prompt for parameters. After upgrading 7.0 to SL 2011, it works when previewing but gives error 6201 when printing or sending to a file. What is the solution in this case?  It happens directly on the server, so I don't think the problem is terminal-server related. Also other report print fine on the same printer. Thank you.


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    RE: System Message 6201


    I believe we figured it out. The printer was not installed on the SL server and it was not pointing to the printer in Crystal Reports just to the XPS Document printer on the SL server. Once we added the printer to the server, this issue went away.


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    Hi Harris:

    For the Invalid Printer Specified error, please check the items below:

    a.  Check all of your installed/redirected printers in Start > “Printers and Faxes” to ensure all are valid.  

    b. Also, check in SL (file > printer setup) to ensure a valid printer is specified in SL.

    c. When the ROI screen comes up, check the lower-left corner and ensure that the printer is valid.  Sometimes the session ID will be appended to a printer name and may be incorrect if from a previous session.

    d. Be mindful of the proper way to set up printers for use in SL when using a Terminal Server or Citrix environment:


    How to configure Microsoft Dynamics SL to use the local Windows default printer

    e. Check the actual .rpt file of the report and ensure that the “no printer” checkbox is checked on the printer settings of the .rpt file.

    2.  Parameter Prompting.  This really only applies to a custom(ized) report that would prompt for parameters.  Under this scenario, you may be able to print preview but clicking print will crash.

    3.  Custom(ized) report with a mix of data sources.  It’s important to check and reset the datasource location on a customized .rpt file .  Keep in mind that there could be multiple data sources on an .rpt file that would need to be reset.

    4.  Long phone numbers.  This has been an known issue and is fixed in sp1 for 2011 and hotfixed for SL 2011 plain.  Basically any report with a phone number field could be susceptible to this.

    5.  RI_ID reaches 32767.  This is highly unlikely but we’ve found if the RI_ID in rptruntime hits this large number, it could cause ROI to crash.

    Let me know what you find.

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