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SL Invoice and Memo Screen Display

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I have an SL user which the Invoice and Memo screen will not display properly. The SL screen displays appropriately on the SL server and other users machines. Even resizing the screen will not display the appropriate fields. I adjusted her resolution settings, fonts, etc. I am hesitant to restore the default settings on the screen for that user since customizations have been made for the particular screen. Notice the right side of the screen will not display the Due Date, Discount, or Total fields. Has anyone encountered this issue before? Please assist. Thank you.  

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    SL Invoice and Memo Screen Display
    Try this.
    * Export the customization screeen.
    * Open the file with notepad.
    * Find a line like "Begin Form Form1........ End"
    * Delete this line.
    * Save the file.
    * Import the file and open the screen.
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    RE: SL Invoice and Memo Screen Display

    I have the same situation with SL2015 using Citrix VDI.  The VDI image is set at 1084x819 and displays as your image does.  On another physical machine with 1280x1024, the screen displays properly.

    There are no customizations in the CUSTOM2 or CUSTOMVBA tables

  • Re: SL Invoice and Memo Screen Display

    Hi John,

    The user most likely resized the screen while the Save Settings On Exit setting was on.  

    Are you familiar with SQL Server Management Studio?  

    Since you don't want to remove all customizations from the screen, you would need to look at the entries for this user in the CustomVBA table for this particular screen in the system database.

    Select * from customVBA where screenid = '0801000' and Entityid = 'xxxxxxxx'

    Replace the x's with the userid.

    You most likely will see some records with a description of Auto Saved Customization or something like that.  You can delete those particular records and the screen should display correctly.  

    You should make a backup of the system database first.  Let me know how it goes.

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