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column is not filterable

Posted on by 4
it is no longer allowing me to filter using the email address column. I get an error /Column is not filterable/. This used to work. I've tested in multiple browsers. Cleared browser data. But no change. 
Any ideas?
  • HNd365FO Profile Picture
    HNd365FO 11 on at
    column is not filterable
    Unfortunately clearing the user data didn't resolve it. thank you for your suggestion
  • Suggested answer
    rajborad Profile Picture
    rajborad 189 on at
    column is not filterable
    Need to clear usage data of the users who faces this issue.
    You can do the same using below path in D365 F&O.
    Setting > User Options > Usage Data > Reset Usage Data.
    Thank you,
    Raj Borad.
  • HNd365FO Profile Picture
    HNd365FO 11 on at
    column is not filterable
    This is happening in Production not a VM and is affecting some but not all users.
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    Judy Profile Picture
    Judy Microsoft Employee on at
    column is not filterable
    Hi, I have searched a similar issue on the LCS, you can wait for the hotfix to rolled out:
    Best Regards,
  • Layan Jwei Profile Picture
    Layan Jwei 3,469 Super User on at
    column is not filterable
    Are u sure this is not a display method?
    And if it was working fine what was changed since then?
    As a start, i would say:
    Stop your VM from LCS and start it again then give it another try.

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