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Multiple query Updating issues

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Here I am updating multiple queries in TmpTable for the Ganarter SRS report. When I was trying to generate the report, I got this error, so can you please tell me how to solve it? 

Error Is /update conflict occurred due to another user process deleting the record or changing one or more fields in the record./

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    Bharani Preetham Peraka Profile Picture
    Bharani Preetham Pe... 3,495 Super User on at
    Multiple query Updating issues
    Tell me one thing. If report is running in a legal entity, why do you need to update temp table in different legal entity via cross company?
    As Andre suggested, selectforupdate is not required.
    A good approach while updating data is to use changecompany instead of crosscompany.
  • Andre Arnaud de Calavon Profile Picture
    Andre Arnaud de Cal... 283,405 Super User on at
    Multiple query Updating issues
    On which select statement do you get the error? The first one or the second? What is your report about? I do see a crosscompany statement in the select query. Do you really have data from different legal entities? If so, you can probaby better make this table no dependent on the dataareaid, but have an own CompanyId field.
    You are joining several tables. Could it be the case that you have multiple records in the purchPrepayTable and PurchReqTable for a single BSInvoiceToPaymentReportTmp record?
    When you have a forUpdate statement in the select query, the separate call before the update() statement is obsolete.
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    Waed Ayyad Profile Picture
    Waed Ayyad 2,537 on at
    Multiple query Updating issues
    Try to add  YourTmpTable.reread(); statement after the ttsBegin; statement, and why you added YourTmpTable .selectforUpdate(true) again?
    Waed Ayyad
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