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Power Apps Submit Form not sending data to the SharePoint list

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I created a canvas Power App connected to 4 separate SharePoint lists. There are 4 screens where a user can submit a form. Users select the form they need to complete, fill it out, and submit it. Then, the data populates on a separate screen where other users can review the data and make edits as needed. As the creator of the app, when I submit a test form, the data connects without any issues and the SP list is updated. This works on all 4 forms. However, when a user tries to submit a form, it only works on 2 of the 4 lists. I have tried setting list permissions to Edit without success, so I tried Full Control. The Full Control permission works for 2 out of the 4 lists. 
Does anyone know why my data won't send to the list after submitting the form in my app? Is there something I need to do with list permissions/in the app directly to solve this issue?
We want any user to be able to use the app, but not have member access to the SharePoint site where it's housed, just the list.
This is the first app I have built so I'm not sure if I am missing something.
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    Power Apps Submit Form not sending data to the SharePoint list
    If you want to restrict access to the SharePoint site but allow list interactions, you can set unique permissions for each list badland
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    Power Apps Submit Form not sending data to the SharePoint list
    Can you please check if the user has the necessary permissions to access and submit data to the lists. 
    If the issue persists, it may be helpful to consult the Power Apps community.

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