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How do you get the purchasing receipt to print out received by field?
Thank you
  • BJ-09051414-0 Profile Picture
    BJ-09051414-0 145 on at
    Received by

    Joseph, I believe is onto something and that is likely a user defined field. 

    I would need to see the Report in Report Writer and Template to see what this field is from. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a way to upload an attachment.

    Could you provide a screenshot of the Report in Report Writer and a screenshot of your template?

    1. For report writer.
      1. If your Report.dic is shared, we cannot open report writer while users are in the system. It can and will corrupt your Reports.dic.
      2. Open Report Writer.
        1. Dynamis GP | Tools | Customize | Report Writer.
        2. Select Dynamics GP for the Product and click Ok.
        3. Click the Reports Button.
        4. Under the modified section, double click on the report you are questioning.
        5. Click Layout in the Report Definition window.
        6. Locate the Received by field and double click on it.
        7. Take a screenshot of it.
        8. If this is a Calculated field “Can usually tell if the Table Name is Blank in the Report Field Options window”, take a screenshot of the Calculated field.
          1. In the toolbox window, click the drop down and select Calculated fields.
          2. Locate and double click on the calculated field.
          3. Take a screenshot.
    2. In addition, check the Receiving’s User Defined Fields to see if we have one called Received by.
      1. Open the Purchase Order Processing Setup window.
        1. Purchasing >> Setup >> Purchase Order Processing
      2. Click the Receivings User-Defined button.
      3. Take a screenshot of the window.
    3. Provide all three screenshots in your response.
    Ultimately, what it will come down to is making a modification to your Report in Report Writer and also likely your Template as the screenshot appears to be a template.

    I hope this helps!
  • GJ-20061501-0 Profile Picture
    GJ-20061501-0 4 on at
    Received by
    Here is what I am talking about - highlighted in yellow
  • Joseph Markovich Profile Picture
    Joseph Markovich 3,814 on at
    Received by
    Is this "Received By" field possibly one of the Receivings User Defined fields?
  • BJ-09051414-0 Profile Picture
    BJ-09051414-0 145 on at
    Received by
    When you say Received by Field, what field are you referring to? I have looked at the Purchase Order Entry, Receiving Entry and Invoice entry window and do not see a field called Received by. I went into the tables and looked at the transaction tables and do not see a column called Received by.
    The user fields that I see in the POP Tables is the PTDUSRID (Posted User) and USER2ENT (User who Entered) that hold user information. You can try adding these field to the report using Report Writer and determine if this gives the end results you are looking for. 
    If you need assistance with this, please reach out to your partner.
    I hope this helps!
    Thank you!
    Functional Consultant.

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